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eCommerce Solutions for Non-Technical People

Last week, I wrote a guest post for Moblized called “5 eCommerce Solutions for Non-Technical People” which you can read here.

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Here’s what I learned in the process:

  • Writing a good quality blog post really does take 30-40 hours (mostly research but a lot of writing).
  • People share more than comment. With 50 Facebook shares, 60 tweets and some LinkedIn shares, you’d expect some comments at the bottom of the article, but there were none. Maybe there was just nothing more to say (ok, I’m being tongue in cheek here).
  • Ideally, my bio on Moblized would have contained Google Authorship links back to my G+ profile. I didn’t ask for this before submitting the article, and in the end, I wasn’t updated on Moblized for me so I guess I should have asked in advance for that.
  • The best way to learn is to teach, they say. I learned a lot about the quick-to-get-running eCommerce solutions by writing on this, and would certainly make a better decision today on getting a quick eCommerce solution up and running that I would have last week.


I really enjoyed doing this article. The new currency of shares dwarfing comments was an eye-opening experience, and great to see going on.

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Patrick Patrick O’Malley is an Internet and web professional passionate about building products that people love.

Now a product based consultant, he is ex-Head of Product, Yahoo! Answers, ex-Head of Operations MoveMe and an Imperial MBA.

Based in Paris (a bit) and London (a bit).

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